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Everyone who owns a smartphone needs a charger and with the capability to go wireless, smartphone users can cut out some of the chords with a wireless charger. Continue reading to learn more about wireless smartphone chargers and get information on local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

Zeal Televison
(305) 604-5670
420 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
Dish Network
(305) 674-3474
420 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
Digital Electronics
(305) 534-8704
1200 Ocean Dr
Miami Beach, FL
Pm-Rm Enterprises
(305) 673-8800
433 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
International Electronics
(305) 674-8233
433 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
Smash Electronics Incorporated
(305) 538-2409
344 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
Universal Television Group
(305) 531-1618
420 Lincoln Rd
Miami Beach, FL
Electronic Experts
(305) 532-9294
1330 West Ave
Miami Beach, FL
Triton Electronic Incorporated
(305) 532-0115
2745 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL
Kilowatts Electric Supply
(305) 261-3600
401 SW 71st Avenue
Miami, FL
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Powermat - Wire-Free Power to Electronic Devices

Powermat - Wire-free power to electronic devices

pm Alternative ways to supply power for devices is always something I am looking at.  My friend, Saar Avigour from Pocket PC Freak had a piece up on his site that really intrigued me.  Although I was unable to read the text (non-English), the pictures were enough to peak my interest.  His article deals with a technology that brings wireless electricity to surfaces for easy charging of your devices WITHOUT wires.

It is designed to replace the need to access multiple electrical sockets with the flexibility and freedom of wireless power for real-time powering and charging of electronic devices of almost any kind in almost any environment. Powermat technology revolutionizes the way energy is consumed in the every day course of interaction with our environment.

Powermat offers the only scalable solution to transform large work surfaces and wall areas into safe and efficient conductors of electricity and is easily integrated into building construction and furniture design.

Check out the Powermat solution here and make sure you click the link above to see some additional photos.


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