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Waterproof device cases can come in handy for a day at the beach or anywhere else you'd want to stay connected while enjoying aquatic surroundings. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

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(970) 522-0978
321 Poplar St
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(970) 522-8324
210 Main St
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Satellite Solutions
(970) 522-9060
100 Broadway St Ste 6
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Mc Murrin Livewire Electric
(970) 522-2696
222 S 10th Ave
Sterling, CO
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1922 S Hannibal Ct
Aurora, CO
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1321 W Main St
Sterling, CO
Sears Roebuck & Company
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130 Broadway St
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Artisan Limited
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100 Broadway St Ste 10
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Showcase Service Company
(303) 444-0525
2014 21st St
Boulder, CO
Circuit City
(970) 223-0034
4414 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO

Beach Boy

Beach Boy

image If you worry about protecting any of your valuable electronic gadgets such as phones, PDAs, cameras, MP3 players and such from water while swimming, kayaking, fishing, or hottubbing, Beach Buoy is the solution.

Beach Buoy is a waterproof case that hangs around your neck. You can see through it on both sides so that you can still push the buttons and use the device even underwater.

It is guaranteed to a depth of up to six meters. With a quadruple ziplock seals folded over three times, it proves to be absolutely safe for even your most valuable devices. I have been a little reticent to try it with an MP3 player and snaking the ear bud cable out from the inside to see if it would still work. Instead I hooked up via Bluetooth so that no cables were involved.

The cost is $19.95, which seems cheap insurance to protect your valuable devices. It tickled me when it arrived and I found a colorful, inflatable beach ball in the package along with several bags of English tea. You see, Proporta is an English company, but don’t let that bother you. They ship inexpensively and promptly. Last I heard, they will ship anywhere for only $4.95 U.S.

Check it out at www.proporta.com , and while you’re there, take a look at the amazing array of accessories for digital devices.


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