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Smartphones are equipped with cameras and if you're especially interested in taking quality photos with your camera phone you can opt to buy accessories like lenses for your smartphone. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

Imagine Products Inc
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Bursma Electronic Distributing
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Rent Way
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Premiere Rental Purchase
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Fruit Belt Tv Service
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Aarons Sales & Lease Ownership
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Tele-Rad Incorporated
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Benton Electronic Supply Incorporated
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Megna Jerry Antenna Service
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Extending the Lens Capability of Your PPC

Extending the lens capability of your PPC

A host of "fanboy" geek sites too numerous to mention are reporting on the latest cheasiest accessory for video/photo cellphones: conversion lenses (telephoto, macro, wide, super-wise) which stay on via a magnet.

Some are salivating while others are mocking. Still, there's no reason why it won't work - if one can use that term - for pocket pcs with built-in cameras - unless they are made of plastic.

Price: approximately $60.00. Additional details (in Japanese).


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