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Personal media viewers connect to your portable devices and allow you to get the experience of a big screen with your small devices. Below you’ll find related articles as well as local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

Ray Dusenberry's Satellite
(541) 278-1297
777 Southgate
Pendleton, OR
Sight & Sound Electronics
(541) 276-3307
516 Se Emigrant Ave
Pendleton, OR
A Sharp Painter LLC
(541) 276-9679
5006 Nw B Ave
Pendleton, OR
Pendleton Electric
(541) 276-2672
338 Nw 57th Dr
Pendleton, OR
Sears Roebuck & Company
(541) 276-4545
1845 Westgate
Pendleton, OR
Courtesy Easy-2-Own Home Furn
(541) 278-1169
400 Sw Court Ave
Pendleton, OR
United Communications Incorporated
(541) 276-6653
304 S Main St
Pendleton, OR
Charter Communications
(866) 731-5420
152 Sw Nye Ave
Pendleton, OR
Radio Shack
(541) 276-8034
1734 Sw Court Pl
Pendleton, OR
Sight and Sound Electronics
(541) 276-3307
516 Se Emigrant Ave
Pendleton, OR

myvu Personal Media Viewer

myvu personal media viewer

I am always looking for ways to increase and improve my ability to Experience Mobility . I like "cool" toys and I especially like them when they can dramatically improve my experience when I am "out and about".

In January, the myvu personal media viewer made its U.S. debut at Macworld. Today, MicroOptical Corporation announced that its myvu personal media viewer will make its U.S. debut for the mobile industry April 5-7, 2006 at CTIA Wireless 2006.

So what is the myvu personal media viewer?

It is just a way to make your personal entertainment just a little bit better...NO, a lot better! By connecting the myvu personal media viewer to your portable device (iPod, PDA, phone or portable DVD player)you can watch your favorite music videos, movies, podcasts and other broadcasted or downloaded entertainment. And it is not just any ordinary viewing is like having a big screen TV experience with stereo audio!

What I found to be particularly interesting is that you can see around the image so you can still see what is happening around you of course, this is definitely not something you want to be wearing while you are driving!

This is one neat device that will enable you to "see the BIG picture"!

See it here and catch the buzz on the myvu personal media player


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