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Pantech offers a wide range of smartphones with differing capabilities and features to accommodate every smartphone users needs. Here you’ll find additional information on Pantech smartphones as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Stratus Communications
(319) 433-3333
325 Franklin St
Waterloo, IA
Corridor Wireless Lc
(319) 232-6441
2060 Crossroads Blvd
Waterloo, IA
Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer Cellular Connection
(515) 233-5289
115 S Duff Ave
Ames, IA
Shock City Cellular
(515) 233-5839
2801 Grand Ave Unit T31
Ames, IA
Beepcell Communications
(319) 354-5778
1130 S Gilbert St
Iowa City, IA
Access Digital Communications
(563) 323-6700
1912 Iowa St
Davenport, IA
First Source Cellular
(515) 570-2777
1221 Oleson Park Avenue
Ft. Dodge, IA
Jordan Wireless
(319) 331-2225
2844 Mount Vernon Rd Se
Cedar Rapids, IA
Cellular Advantage Inc
(515) 331-0000
3829 100th St
Urbandale, IA

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Midwest Surplus
(319) 665-9792
173 Auburn E
Iowa City, IA
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AT&T Pantech Duo

AT&T Pantech Duo

AT&T’s new smartphone is a dual-slider phone with two distinct personalities.

By Steven Hughes

Feb / Mar 2008

The Pantech Duo is a Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone with a dual personality—it not only appeals to your personal side, but your business side as well with two sliding keyboards—a standard 12-key numeric keypad (right) and a QWERTY keyboard (next page). The Duo’s good looks and pair of sliding keyboards are sure to turn a few heads. The numeric keypad is spring-loaded and slides out of the bottom of the device, sporting the look of a standard candy bar phone.

The screen has a standard 240x320 QVGA resolution display surrounded by a bezel that provides enough grip to make sliding out its pair of keyboards a bit easier. The rest of the body is surrounded by graphite-colored smooth durable plastic that makes it look like a regular phone and feel like one in the hand. Its small size and weight are hardly noticeable in one’s pocket.

The Quick List lets you turn the phone off, change profiles, and more.

On the front of the device is a standard round directional pad surrounded by two soft keys, a Home key, a back key, a green Answer key, and a red End Call key. The button below the pad doubles as a keyboard/button lock (when pressed and held) as well as a Quick List switcher (when pressed) that allows you to turn the phone off, quickly change profiles, launch the Wireless Manager, and lock the device.

What’s better than one keyboard? Two keyboards!

The numeric keyboard functions like any other Windows Mobile Standard device, with T9 input for words and letters as well as for navigation of the device’s menus. You can quickly access symbols used in text messaging by using the ∗ key and spaces by pressing the # key. You can also assign phone numbers to the Quick dial feature that is activated by pressing and holding a number. You can launch your favorite applications and Web sites using this method as well.

The QWERTY keyboard isn’t spring-loaded, but slides out with a gentle nudge from the left side of the device. An internal locking mechanism prevents both of the keypads from being extended at the same time. As soon as the keyboard is extended, the device switches from portrait to landscape mode. The keys, like on the numeric keypad, are brightly backlit to provide usage in low light settings. ...

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