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Palm offers a wide range of smartphones with differing capabilities and features to accommodate every smartphone users needs. Continue reading to learn more about Palm smartphones and get information on local companies and providers that will help you in your search.

Cricket-Revive Wireless
(775) 882-6677
2323 N Carson St
Carson City, NV
(775) 828-6061
4985 Kietzke Ln
Reno, NV
Battery Source
(702) 251-4677
5015 W Sahara Ave Ste 124
Las Vegas, NV
AT&T Mobility
(775) 827-6883
5000 Meadowood Mall Cir
Reno, NV

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Araiza Enterprise
(702) 436-1522
1300 W Sunset Rd
Henderson, NV
B & R Video Ctr
(702) 647-2224
1437 N Jones Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

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Cingular Wireless
(775) 537-0100
1481 E Highway 372
Pahrump, NV
(702) 361-1412
2370 E Serene Ave
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 252-3544
7390 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV

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Audio On Hold
(775) 852-5656
17115 Castle Pine Ct
Reno, NV
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Palm Treo 700P

Palm Treo 700P – A First Impression

I have been a Windows Mobile enthusiast for years so for me to “break away” from the OS that I have been used to and have loved for so long is amazing…at least it is to me. But it was time I took a look because I have been so impressed with the folks I have met from Palm on several occasions since January.

My first introduction to Palm was years ago when my brother and I were comparing our “devices” one evening as we were having dinner at a restaurant located halfway between our two homes. He with a Palm IIIx and me with my iPAQ and both of us were “touting” the benefits of each device. He didn’t convince me nor did I have any effect on him but we did have a great dinner.

At CES this past year, I was introduced to the Palm 700W where I saw a demonstration on the devices capabilities. I was impressed with the device, not only with the Windows Mobile 5 platform but in particular, the hardware. It had an incredible “feel” to it…as if it was made for the “Palm of your Hand”. I guess there was no mistake in name they picked for the company…lol.

When I stop and reflect on the devices I have used over the years, all of them were too wide, too fat, or too small. The iPAQ was great but you had to open your palm a little wider to comfortably hold it. The JasJar, although unquestionably an outstanding device because of its form factor, was just too wide as a phone. The KJAM, a favorite of mine because of its versatility had an almost perfect form but one handed operation was just non existent and frankly, it was a bit too fat to hold. It was however the best device I had ever used up to now (I still have to thank Jerry Gold for introducing it to me). But the Palm, I kept thinking about it because it felt right way back in January and all the folks I had seen that were using one always talked about how easy it was to use.

So when I was given the opportunity to try out the new Palm 700P, although it was a different OS than what I have been used to using, I had to yes. I have to tell you, that I am impressed! I’m impressed with the form factor, I’m impressed with the OS and I have been very impressed with the phone service from Sprint. As for “web” access, it has been an interesting adventure. When in a Sprint area, it is incredible…when outside of the Sprint area, the phone is still fabulous but I have had poor luck with web access but more on that later.

When the phone arrived, it was just in a white box so I was not able to get that “first impression” that you experience when opening a product for the first time. After all, this was just a “reviewers unit”; one that is shipped from person to person by a PR firm every three weeks or so. I opened the box and found the Treo, an AC charger, a Sync cable, earphones, a manual for reviewers and an installation CD.

I must admit I was excited because I wanted the opportunity to use the device, get a feel for t...

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Palm Treo 800w

Newest Treo combines versatility and ease of use in a compact design

The Palm Treo 800W The Treo 800w is Palm's first Windows Mobile 6.1 device and comes loaded with several features many users want on a modern mobile phone—GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a fast 3G data connection provided by EvDO rev A. It weighs in at just 5 ounces and fits comfortably in one's hand as well as a pocket or purse, and is optimized for one-handed use.

Ease of use and physical specs

The 800w excels at being a messaging device for both data and voice, and continues the Palm tradition of ease of use. The device can be unlocked for use by simply double-tapping on the D-pad, Wi-Fi can be toggled on or off by pressing the One Touch Wi-Fi button on the top of the device, and the sound can be turned off by sliding a switch, as on the first Treo.

The keyboard is not as wide as on the Treo 750, but the buttons seem to be 10% bigger and better spaced for faster typing and less mistakes. The 320 x 320 display is larger than on previous Treos, but seems washed out at the default setting. When compared to other Windows Mobile phones at the same brightness levels, it is clearly dimmer and looks to be an obvious engineering choice to conserve battery life. There are also many secondary functions of the buttons surrounding the D-pad that are activated in conjunction to pressing the white Option button: the Windows Start button activates the camera, the Calendar launches Contacts, the OK (close) button activates the Task Manager (which is added with WM 6.1), and the Inbox opens Messaging.

Phone features and battery life

When making a phone call, Palm hasn't changed a thing—it's still the best user experience for any Windows Mobile device by keeping the dialer in the background, allowing the user to access the Today screen to easily access content during a call by pressing down on the D-pad, and allowing you to use the speaker phone, hold, mute, and memo options. If you do need the onscreen numeric pad, a quick press of the green Call button will bring up a customized numeric pad with Call History. You also have visual use of missed calls and voicemails with onscreen controls to control playback.

The GPS search feature also takes its lead from the phone interface—it's right on the Today screen, enabling quick searches for POI, directions, or mapping a contact's address. Another highlight is that you can use the GPS feature with any other application, and it's not locked down like on other devices.

There are some disadvantages with the new 800w, mostly to do with the battery. The battery life under my moderate usage of push e-mail and occasional Web browsing was quite poor. To last a whole day, I had to turn off the phone function at night (by holding down the End Call button). There are some customization features available on the 800w to conserve battery life t...

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