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Turn Your HP Jornada into a Digital Camera

Turn Your HP Jornada Into a Digital Camera

HP's Jornada Pocket PC lets you organize your life, listen to music, play games, and more. Now you can use your Jornada Pocket PC to take digital pictures, too, thanks to HP's newest accessory, Pocket Camera. This still-image digital camera looks like a small cylinder on top of a CompactFlash card. Install the camera software on your Jornada Pocket PC, slip the Compact card interface into the Compact card slot, and you're ready to "save the moment."

This digital camera has a viewfinder, focus ring, shutter button, and a lens on the cylindrical top of the camera (see Screen 1).

HPCameraCard-Captions.gif (12160 bytes)

Screen 1: The HP Jornada Camera Card ­ a description of the hardware features

The lens swivels, which means you can rotate it towards you or away from you. The camera takes color pictures with a resolution of 640x480 pixels. That's good enough for displaying images online, and not too bad for printing them out on paper (see Screen 2).

HPCameraCard-Image.jpg (14123 bytes)

Screen 2: This is an un-touched-up shot of a playground, taken by the HP Jornada Camera Card.

HP Pocket Camera comes with the HP Pocket Camera software for your HP Jornada and a photo-imaging program for your desktop PC. You can use the desktop photo-imaging program to edit and enhance the pictures. Once the HP pocket camera software has been installed on your Jornada, slip the Pocket Camera card into the Jornada and the camera softw...

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