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Video Kingdom
(308) 632-7672
326 W 27th St
Scottsbluff, NE
William Mc Millen Construction
(308) 632-5775
80242 North St
Scottsbluff, NE
Rent Way
(308) 630-0060
511 W 27th St
Scottsbluff, NE
Sears Roebuck & Company
(308) 632-7143
3018 Avenue I
Scottsbluff, NE
D & H Electronics Supply
(308) 632-2181
1913 Broadway
Scottsbluff, NE
Rent A Center
(308) 632-2788
3410 Avenue I
Scottsbluff, NE
Radio Shack
(308) 632-4621
3410 Avenue I # A
Scottsbluff, NE
Gi Mobile Computer Service
(308) 635-5050
1603 Broadway
Scottsbluff, NE
Executone Business Telephones
(308) 632-2299
310 W 27th St
Scottsbluff, NE
Schnell's Tv Sales & Service
(308) 632-2866
326 W 27th St
Scottsbluff, NE

Creative ZEN Vision: M, the new Vaja Classic CR071

Creative ZEN Vision:M, the new Vaja Classic CR071

I really like the quality of Vaja cases...for those of you that have the new Creative ZEN, you might like this case for its looks ant the protection it affords for your device.

Got a NEW Creative ZEN? Vaja has the case and the protection that you need!


Easy access to all functions
Access to Power/ Hold button & headphone jack
Reset button cutout
Access to Sync & charge
Access to Voice Recording
Screen protector
Choose the colors
Choose the clip system
Fully personalizable
Size: 6,49 x 10,67 x 2,50 cms/ 2,56" x 4,20" x 0,98"

Available only at


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