Compact Flash Drives Clarksdale MS

If you need to transfer information from place to place and don't want to lug a heavy or expensive device in order to do so, compact flash devices are a great solution—small, portable and affordable. Here you’ll find additional information on compact flash drives as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Reed's Products Company
(662) 627-7950
1058 Barnes Ave
Clarksdale, MS
United Electric & Appliance
(662) 624-8610
445 Jefferson Ave
Clarksdale, MS
Sears Roebuck & Company
(662) 624-8311
937 Commerce Plz
Clarksdale, MS
(662) 624-4158
1207 Lee Dr
Clarksdale, MS
Delta Furniture Company
(662) 624-5251
238 Issaquena Ave
Clarksdale, MS
Bestway Rent to Own
(662) 624-2208
936 S State St
Clarksdale, MS
(662) 627-5569
620 S State St
Clarksdale, MS
Krosstown Trade & Pawn Shop
(662) 627-7402
622 N State St
Clarksdale, MS
Delta Electronics
(662) 627-6831
1510 Wisteria Dr
Clarksdale, MS
Radio Shack
(662) 624-8574
858 S State St
Clarksdale, MS

New SanDisk Cruzer Micro Flash Drive

Not long ago I installed an MP3 FM Modulator in my car and have been using a spare 256 MB flash drive with it that quickly filled up, and I needed more capacity for my insatiable taste for tunes.

Browsing for flash drives, I landed on the SanDisk site, which has long been my expansion card maker of choice anyway. On the home page, the new colorful Cruzer Micro Flash Drive caught my attention. I clicked on it and learned that they measure only 7.9mm x 18.95mm x 52.2mm making them the smallest flash drives available. Capacities range from 128, 256, 512, 1 GB to 2 GB and prices go from $24.00 to $149. I selected the 1GB size for $99.

The micro flash drive comes with clear, red, and blue skins for the fashion conscious and a lanyard. Each drive includes CruzerLock 2 for data security and trial versions of PocketCache for back up and CruzerSync for Outlook and My Documents folder synchronization. These drives are Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified and backwards compatible with all USB 1.1 ports.

Check out the new Micro Flash Drives at


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