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Butler Wireless
(480) 802-1688
4960 S Alma School Rd Ste B15
Chandler, AZ

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Alltel Cellularwireless Sales
(480) 857-6099
1100 N Alma School Rd
Chandler, AZ
Quick Fix Cellular
(480) 782-8084
1949 W Ray Rd Ste 39
Chandler, AZ
At&T Wireless
(480) 855-3136
2780 W Chandler Blvd Ste 1
Chandler, AZ
ATGC Genetic LLC
(480) 633-6384
6 E Palo Verde St
Gilbert, AZ
Bullseye Wireless
(480) 821-7700
985 W Elliot Rd Ste 5
Chandler, AZ
AT&T Mobility
(480) 786-0855
2974 N Alma School Rd
Chandler, AZ

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Able Information Technologies
(480) 477-0100
2915 W Fairview St
Chandler, AZ
Cingular Wireless
(480) 961-4300
6050 W Chandler Blvd Ste 1
Chandler, AZ
Cricket Wireless
(480) 792-9779
1395 E Warner Rd
Gilbert, AZ
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When to replace your battery

When to replace your battery

If you notice that the amount of time you can use your device before having to recharge the battery is decreasing, it’s probably time to replace the battery. Your hardware manufacturer’s Web site is the best place to buy a replacement, and most Windows Mobile device manufacturers offer optional high-capacity batteries that double the amount of time you can use your device between charges.
Note that hardware manufacturers often keep spare batteries for older, discontinued units. If you can’t find a replacement battery listed on the manufacturer’s Web site, contact their tech support department and see if they have them listed as a replacement part. (That goes for cables, cradles, and other accessories for discontinued devices.)
Finally, there are a number of independent vendors that sell replacement batteries for Windows Mobile devices, including MobilePlanet.com , PDAMods.com , and PDASmart.com .

Battery life expectancy
The normal life expectancy of a lithium-ion battery in a Windows Mobile device is between two to three years, or 300 to 500 discharge/charge cycles. After that, the battery will start to degrade (regardless of usage intensity) and will hold less power after a charge. Here are a few tips about using lithium-ion batteries:
  • It’s better to do frequent partial ...

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