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Celio pocket PCs allow users to stay connected to the Internet wherever and whenever with the convenience of a small device with all the capabilities of a laptop. Read through the following articles to learn more about Celio pocket PCs and find local companies and providers who can help you find what you’re looking for.

Abn Voice Age Llc
(413) 499-4841
150 North St Ste 43
Pittsfield, MA
Greenriver Analytics
(413) 442-9135
23 E Housatonic St
Pittsfield, MA
Home Base Technologies
(413) 637-1484
56 Housatonic St
Lenox, MA
Network Engineering Llc
(413) 623-0172
164 Main St
Becket, MA
Lenox Software Consulting
(413) 637-1919
75 Golden Hill Rd
Lee, MA
Ascentek Inc
(413) 496-9900
7 Westview Rd
Pittsfield, MA
Dundee Group Ltd
(413) 445-5917
29 Spadina Pkwy
Pittsfield, MA
A B N Computer Instructions
(413) 499-4841
449 Pittsfield Rd
Lenox, MA
Cdomain Software
(413) 496-8174
16 Maple St
Hinsdale, MA
Neonet Technologies
(413) 274-9933
174 Front St
Housatonic, MA

The RedFly - Extending the Possibilities

The RedFly - Extending the Possibilities

So what is the RedFly?

Let me answer that by first saying that most of us have a laptop or a tablet that we use to store and work on a variety of business or personal tasks. I use both and I use them every day but truth be told, the ability to have instant on with a Pocket PC device for looking at, working on or sharing documents with a colleague is a huge advantage. A Pocket PC can have and several do have “laptop power” but their size does introduce huge limitations in what you want to accomplish. Celio Corporation has bridged that gap with the introduction of the RedFly, a device that can extend the possibilities of your handheld to have the most important features of a laptop, a keyboard, a usable screen and the ability to use a mouse. In addition, the RedFly has VGA output, access to a USB Flash drive and with its battery, it will charge your handheld via USB while you are using it.

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