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Bluetooth headsets work wirelessly with your smartphone so that you can have a hands-free call without having to be wired into your phone. Read through the following articles to learn more about bluetooth headsets and find local companies and providers who can help you find what you’re looking for.

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Hagemeyer North America
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Gennum Z-E-N nX6000 Bluetooth Headset

My Current Favorite Bluetooth Device

I was fortunate enough to write a Bluetooth article for the June/July 2007 issue of Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine which examined a broad array of Bluetooth devices optimized for the Windows Mobile environment. Consequently, I was able to test some amazing cutting edge technology. Of all the devices I had the opportunity to highlight in that article, the one Bluetooth device that continues to amaze me is the Gennum Z-E-N nX6000 Bluetooth Headset . This amazing single ear headset is about the size of a guitar pick and the thickness of a pack of gum. Unlike other earpieces, the nX6000 fits snuggly in my ear, tolerating even sprint jogging without dislodging. Compared to other headsets I've used, none deliver the audio quality (especially outbound voice) as clear as the nX6000 which is even more remarkable considering its size. Battery life is also a decent six hours even though the size of the device would lead one to believe differently. The removable plastic ear clip can be rotated so the headset can be worn on either ear, and the main housing contains all the buttons necessary to interact with callers, from call answering, returning, power on/off and volume controls.

I can't say enough praise for this compact innovation. Perhaps the only caveat to this is the fact that some individuals who have a tendency of misplacing small items may have trouble keeping an eye on this tiny ...

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Logitech Mobile Traveller

Bluetooth version - 1.2
Range - 33 ft.
Talk time - up tp 7 hours
Stand-by - up to 300 hours
Charging time - up to 4 hours
Weight - 0.3 ounces
WindStop noise cancellation

MSRP: $79.99

Logitech's offering is a reasonably priced headset packed with a noise-cancelling capability not usually seen at this level. The Mobile Traveller is actually an improvement/evolution from their previous Mobile Freedom headset ( which was reviewed by a fellow contributer of Eric "GrYph0n" Jones ). It has been reduced in size and boasts improved sound. I'm hoping this could be the one that'll past my convertible test!

At first looks can be deceiving. The device is actually larger than most headsets nowadays, yet it is actually quite light being that it is 0.5 ounces, The fit was quite snug and was held quite well against my ear accomodated by a rubber coated plastic ear hook. It is easily adjustable for use with the left or right ear. The generous speaker, sits over the ear much like a headphone.

Controls on the outside of the unit consist of one long and thin multi-use button on the outside, and a rocking volume control that is in the form of a disc with the Logitech logo. These buttons are unique and incorporated into its exterior styling. The buttons were responsive with good tactile feedback; however, the multi-use button may be troublesome for people with wide fingers.

In real world mixed usage I found the battery to allow me to go 5 days between charges. Charge time seemed to be about 3+ hours.

As for sound quality, I found the speaker to be very good. From the opposite end, I would be told that there was no difference between the headset or a standard receiver when used around the house, at the office, walking down a not so busy street, and even at a supermarket. My test in using it while driving in my convertible with the top up on the freeway was next - and although the sound came through quite loud and clear, the person I would be talking to would report me getting muffled as I entered onto the freeway and approached the speed limit. Again, driving around the city was possible, but on the freeway, the noise cancellation just couldn't overcome the roadnoise. In busier environments and meeting halls, although I didn't have to press unit against my ear to hear the caller, the person at the other end would r...

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Motorola H700

Bluetooth candidate #3: Motorola H700

Bluetooth version - 1.2
Range - 33 ft.
Talk time - up tp 6 hours
Stand-by - up to 200 hours
Charging time - less than 1 hour
Weight - 0.2 ounces
Echo and noise cancellation integrated

MSRP: $99.99

Motorola here builds upon the proven success of their earlier HS850 model. The build quality and functionality is similar except the H700 is about 1/3 smaller than its predecessor. Motorola touts the "iconic look and feel" in order to create the sense of style and worldliness that deserves the price point that it comes in at... but is it worth it?

At 0.2 ounces, weight is quite literally, hardly a topic of discussion. The improved design really makes very light! The fit was very comfortable and the main part of the device held quite well against my ear without any hitting any pressure points I had experienced with the H500. The ear hook is easy to adjust for use with the left or right ear. The speaker, sits outside the ear while angling the audio toward the ear canal.

Controls are handled through one multi-use button on the outside, two volume controls located on on opposite sides of the unit and a folding mini boom mic that turns the headset on and off. The buttons were responsive with good tactile feedback; however, they may be a bit small for people with large fingers or long finger nails.

Real world mixed usage I found the battery to allow me to go 4-5 days between charges.

Now let's dive into the sound quality. It was just slightly richer than that of the H700, and I could definitely detect clearer details from a caller than I could with the Jabra BT125. Again, when I would mention to a caller that I was on a headset, he/she just wouldn't have known that I was. Evidently the echo and noise cancellation was doing it's part here. I had no issues with sound quality when it comes to using it around the house, at the office, or when walking down a not so busy street. My test in using it while driving in my convertible with the top up, unfortunately would sour my high hopes for it. Driving around the city was possible, but on the freeway, the volume just couldn't overcome the roadnoise. The same for use in busy environments and meeting halls - I still had to end up pressing the unit against my ear to hear the caller clearly.

This model doesn't posess wind cancellation - wind was an issue to really make using this with the top down h...

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The X3 Micro—A BlueAnt Bluetooth Experience

Like most of you, I spend a significant amount of my time in a car driving. For me, the short haul is a rare occurrence now; most of my driving is usually 3-6 hour trips in the Northeast. I enjoy driving and yes, like many of you, I enjoy chatting with friends and family as I drive. The number of states that have implemented laws about cell phone usage has dramatically increased so the need for a good Bluetooth headset is imperative if you want to stay of the good side of the law. Of course it makes a lot of sense and if you travel a lot, using a headset is significantly easier than holding a phone to your head.

Over the past several years I have tried a number of different Bluetooth headsets all with varying degrees of success. Some work well but are uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and others are very comfortable but have horrible reception. I think what irritates me the most is driving down a highway and having to push and hold the headset into my ear so I can hear the person on the other end.

Some Bluetooth headsets are too big and look too geeky and others are the right size but work horribly. What has even complicated my search for the right device is my insistence on using multiple devices. I carry two phones with me all the time and have on occasion had a third…yeah, I know, I have it bad but I like it and I like having choices. The fact of the matter is that having two cell providers pretty much gives me the ability to get a signal anywhere I am although I do have some difficulty in certain areas on the coast of Maine.

So now, not only do I want a headset that is light, small and non-obtrusive and provides me with the ability to hear clearly when in an environment that has a lot of extraneous noise ... but I want one that will connect with multiple devices easily … especially while I’m driving.

Enter the BlueAnt X3 micro! A small non-intimidating headset that looks good, feels great and plugs in my ear comfortably as well as having the ability to connect with up to three devices and you can switch devices while on the fly. Yeah! Sound slick? It is! Switching devices is easy. You just press the multi-function button and the “-”key to disconnect the device you are using then press the multi-function button once, twice or three times depending on what device you want to connect to. I routinely switch between my Palm 700W or KJAM with out a hitch … it’s very slick.

When I got my X3, I was impressed with the package. Nicely presented with a see through opening in the front to see the X3 and the back of the package gave some statistics about the device as well as some pictures of the multiple ways you can charge the device. Yes, I said multiple ways!

BlueAnt Wireless gave some thought to your charging needs and provided you with a neat connector that has a USB plug on one end. You can charge your X3 f...

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