Bluetooth FM Transmitter Hendersonville NC

Portable media players are a great tool for listening to music and you can enjoy using them in your car with a bluetooth FM transmitter, which will wirelessly connect your device to your car's radio. Here you’ll find additional information on bluetooth FM transmitters as well as local companies and providers that may help you in your search.

Are Electronic Repair
(828) 697-0405
1322 Ridge Rd
Hendersonville, NC
Rex Stores
(828) 696-4191
106 Henderson Crossing Plz
Hendersonville, NC
Sound & Style
(828) 877-6500
358 Asheville Hwy
Pisgah Forest, NC
Brevard Tv & Satellite Service
(828) 877-3230
Po Box 850
Pisgah Forest, NC
Citizens Telephone Company
(828) 884-9011
225 E Main St
Brevard, NC
Stan's Electronics
(828) 693-0530
2314 Asheville Hwy Ste A
Hendersonville, NC
Consumer-Tec Electronic Supply
(828) 697-9689
1832 Asheville Hwy
Hendersonville, NC
B & J Tv & Appliance Service
(828) 883-3531
114 Kentwood Ln
Pisgah Forest, NC
Sears Roebuck & Company
(828) 883-4885
352 N Broad St
Brevard, NC
Mayent Solutions
(828) 884-3635
9855 E Fork Rd
Brevard, NC

The Venturi Mini

The Venturi Mini

Recently I did a review on a Bluetooth hands free solution that was in my estimation one of the best solutions I have ever used. In a nut shell it had a great quality case, excellent sound reproduction and the FM transmission was absolutely terrific. Shortly after that review I was contacted by a representative of the makers of the Venturi Mini and they asked if I would like to look at their device and if I liked it, would I review it. Frankly I was impressed with the confidence they expressed in the quality of their device so I said I would look at it and I am pleased that I did. The Venturi Mini is quite a bit different than the typical hands free solution you see on the market today. The device does not attach to your sun visor but rather plugs directly into your cars DC outlet where it then will tune to an available space in the FM radio bandwidth. All sound from calls or from streaming music plays through your cars audio system. As soon as you pair your device to the Venturi Mini , you are able to listen to music and hear phone calls over the car speakers. A2DP technology allows high quality stereo audio to be transferred from your device and if you have multiple devices, it will allow you to connect up to four. For this review, I used two devices (Motorola Q9m and the Cingular 8525). You can read the review here


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